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May this year will be filled with growth, stability, abundance, creativity and beauty opportunities.

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Chinese New Year Celebration

Lunar New Year is one of the most important Chinese festivals celebrated by Chinese people all around the world. Welcome 2023, The Year of The Rabbit! It’s that time of the year again: a new lunar year is upon us, and with it comes a fresh start! The Year of the Rabbit has officially arrived. This year is sure to be exciting, as we usher in 12 months of luck, joy and good fortune. The rabbit is known for its gentle nature and its ability to bring peace and harmony. The Chinese New Year is celebrated with a lot of fanfare and excitement. People clean their homes and decorate them with red lanterns and posters. Firecrackers are set off to scare away evil spirits. Families get together for big meals and give each other gifts. Dragon dances and other traditional dances are performed in the streets.

1. Red lanterns are hung up as they are believed to scare away evil spirits.

2. Firecrackers are set off to scare away evil spirits.

3. Dragon dances and other traditions are performed in the streets.

The lunar new year is among other festivities celebrated with loved ones and friends.

During this time, people travel back to their hometowns to visit relatives and enjoy festive meals and treats. Gift-giving is also a common practice during this holiday.

Some popular gifts include mandarin oranges, clothes, and money in red envelopes.

Happiness, prosperity, wealth, and good health are all things that people wish for each other during this holiday. The new year is also a time for people to start fresh, so many will make resolutions to improve their lives in the coming year.

Peony flowers symbolize luck on Chinese New Year. Other than flowers, other plants like bamboo and plum blossom is also used to decorate homes and public spaces during the occasion. All these plants symbolize different things like strength, prosperity, and good luck.

People buy Chinese New Year plants to decorate their homes. Plants like bamboo and plum blossom are also used. All these plants have different meanings, but they all represent good fortune for the coming year. Placing the plant in a pot of soil is considered to bring good luck as it represents the growth of wealth. Browse our collection of indoor plants here.

A Chinese flower arrangement is called a "huamu." The arrangement typically consists of peony flowers, as they are considered to be lucky. Other common flowers used in huamus include plum blossoms, bamboo, and chrysanthemums. The word "huamu" literally means "flower pot," which is where these arrangements are typically displayed.

Some popular foods eaten during Chinese New Year include dumplings, noodles, fish, chicken, and sweets. Dumplings are considered to be lucky because they resemble ancient Chinese money. Noodles represent long life, while fish and chicken represent prosperity. Family and friends typically eat together large meals during this occasion. Reunion dinners on New Year's Eve are particularly important, as they symbolize family unity.

Send CNY flowers for this Chinese New Year in Singapore

Yes. Giving a friend or family member a bouquet of flowers is a popular way to wish them luck on Chinese New Year. Peonies are considered to be the luckiest flower, so they are often used in these arrangements.

Events like the CNY is a great opportunity to connect with your friends, family, and loved ones. What better way to show your loved ones you care than by sending them a beautiful bouquet of flowers and gifts for CNY? Schedule something delivered right to their door.

It won't take much effort to put a smile on their face, and you can be sure they'll appreciate your thoughtfulness. Still in search for the best cny flowers? Look no further! Our collection of Chinese new year flowers has got you covered. Choose from a wide range of CNY-themed flowers like peach blossoms, red roses, kumquats, and more! All our bouquets are handcrafted by our experienced florists with only the freshest blooms. We offer affordable prices which will help you save and enjoy the season. Would you like to wish someone a prosperous new year? Get in touch with us today to learn more about our CNY flower delivery services! We offer also offer same-day delivery in Singapore, so you can be sure your loved ones will get their flowers on time.

We also have a collection of scent diffusers, scented candles and gift hampers that are perfect for the occasion. These products make great CNY gifts because they can be used long after the holiday is over. They will help your loved ones relax and enjoy the coming year. Red flowers are also a popular gift to give on Chinese New Year. Red is the color of good luck and is often seen during this holiday. Giving a bloom box of red flowers is a great way to wish someone a prosperous new year. Cakes and other edible gifts are also popular during this holiday. Giving a box of chocolates or a fruit basket is a great way to show your loved ones you care.


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