Cabin Crew Month

We often overlook the cabin crew that flight attendants who cater to our needs and safety at high altitudes. So let's take this opportunity to show them how much we appreciate their service! For those special people taking care of us - thank you! You can read more about our Cabin Crew Month collection here.

Cabin Crew

Cabin crews perform an essential job that deserves recognition. Taking care of passengers inside an aircraft cabin for hours can be tiring and often thankless, so any sign of appreciation from those they serve will go a long way. Praise for their hard work and dedication helps create a positive atmosphere and encourages cabin crews to continue providing excellent service. Additionally, showing appreciation for the efforts of cabin crew can also help to boost morale among all members of the team.

As a token of appreciation, you can offer small gifts to cabin crew members. Ideas include food items such as chocolates, snacks and healthy treats; beverages like coffee or tea; physical items like books or magazines; and personalised items with the aircrew's name on it. Such thoughtful gestures will let them know how much their hard work is valued and appreciated.

Omakase Bouquet - Surprise Me, Just Flowers!: Another gift that could be given to cabin crew members are premium flowers. Flowers are a beautiful way to show appreciation and can be a thoughtful gesture to someone who has worked hard to provide excellent service. Premium flowers like orchids or roses can be a beautiful and long-lasting option.

Omakase Premium - Surprise Me, Premium Flowers: Another gift that could be given to cabin crew members is a beautiful bouquet of flowers. Flowers are a classic and timeless gift that can brighten up any space. You could choose the recipient's favorite flowers or pick a bouquet based on the occasion. Whether it's a simple bouquet of tulips or a lush arrangement of roses, a beautiful luxury bouquets is always appreciated.

Cabin Crew Gifts in Singapore

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