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Preorder Gifts are a great way to show your appreciation for your customers. You can read more about our Pre-Order Collection here.

Pre-Order Gifts

The best pre-order gifts depend on what your customers want and need. Popular pre-order items may include special edition items, limited time promotions, or exclusive content. You can also offer discounts and bonuses to entice customers to purchase before the official launch date. Other ideas may include digital downloads with bonus features, free or discounted shipping, or promotional merchandise like hats, t-shirts, mugs or other memorabilia. By offering these extras as part of the pre-order process you are giving customers a reason to buy early while also rewarding their loyalty.

Pre-ordered add on gifts are a great way to show your loved ones how much you care. For those looking for an exquisite and special selection, Nikka From The Barrel Japanese Whisky is an excellent choice. Nikka whisky is one of the premier Japanese whisky brands, offering a full-bodied, oak-forward flavor profile for your tasting pleasure. Bottega Stardust Prosecco 750ml is another great pick for pre-ordered add ons! With its delicate peach flavor and unique brass bottle design, this sparkling wine is sure to please everyone who indulges. So if you're looking to send something special and meaningful as a gift, these two bottles make perfect choices!

Generally, the best time to place pre-ordered add on gifts is a few weeks before the official launch date. This allows customers plenty of time to make their orders and receive them in time for the launch. Also, if you’re offering discounts or bonuses as part of your pre-order program, having orders placed in advance will ensure that everyone receives those benefits. Additionally, it’s usually best to have all pre-ordered items shipped out within 5-7 days before the official release date so customers can be sure they will receive their items on time. Pre-ordering also helps you to manage inventory more efficiently since you know exactly how much of each item needs to be produced and shipped prior to launch day. With proper planning and efficient distribution, you can make sure that customers get their pre-ordered items in time for the official launch.

Pre-ordered add ons make great gifts for any occasion and can be sent to friends, family or colleagues. Birthdays, anniversaries, graduations or just because are all perfect occasions for sending pre-ordered items. Additionally, pre-ordering is a great way to reward customer loyalty for those who purchase your product before its official launch date. You can also use pre-order gifts as incentives to encourage sales of exclusive products that may not be available in stores until later. With the right selection of items and careful planning, you can create a memorable experience while increasing brand exposure and driving sales at the same time!

Adding a little something extra to celebrate special occasions is always a thoughtful touch. Pre-ordered add ons that make occasions even more memorable are the perfect way to do so! Black Sesame Mochi Cheesecake and Pandan Coconut Bliss Cake are two options that everyone will love. Black sesame mochi cheesecake offers a unique flavor with hints of honey, sesame, and nutmeg while pandan coconut bliss cake offers sweet coconut and vanilla flavor combined with pandan, making it an irresistible combination. Whether celebrating birthdays, anniversaries or any other special event, these pre-ordered add ons make the day unforgettable!

Pre-ordered add on gift in Singapore

Ana Hana is a leading online store in Singapore that specializes in pre-ordered add ons. Ana Hana offers a wide range of products that you can choose from including Fresh Flowers, Preserved Flower Bouquet, Perfumes and cakes. With Ana Hana, you can purchase your pre-ordered add ons with ease - they offer delivery services to anywhere in Singapore and also have a pickup option for an even faster shopping experience. Ana Hana is a great option when it comes to purchasing pre-ordered add ons in Singapore due to their vast selection of items and convenient delivery service.


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