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Unique wedding favours

by marketing team 28 Mar 2021 0 条评论

Don't want to give the usual wedding favours that other people give? Or thinking of how you can give your guests a memorable yet useful gift? We've got just the guide for you with some gift inspirations!

Some interesting ideas to consider are:

- Personalised coasters which is practical and can also be used as a decor piece.

- A hangover kit :P Just in case your guests might've had too much to drink during your wedding 

- Personalised mirrors — another practical gift which is both handy & pretty!

More ideas: 

- Candles — a great way to share your favourite scent with your guests!

- Customised spreads are super cute and very practical! You can print out stickers and paste them on any spread of your choice.

- Soap bars are a quirky gift and you can get a few scents that your guests can choose from. 

If you need help with creating or brainstorming for your wedding favours feel free to reach out to us. 

We hope your wedding planning goes well and if you ever need help you can DM us on Instagram @anahanawed ♡

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