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Caring for your Peperomia Plant

by marketing team 16 Nov 2020

Easily recognised by their fleshy, succulent-like leaves, Peperomias are the ideal houseplant - they come in a spectacular variety of colours and textures and are amazingly forgiving about their environment. Most of them are compact and grow well in pots, non-toxic to pets and known for their beautiful foliage which makes them perfect for beautifying indoor spaces. They also actually do bloom, but their flowers are relatively unassuming, paling in comparison to their leaves.



Peperomias do well in bright and indirect sunlight, which helps maintain their vibrant colour. Alternatively, they can tolerate 12 - 16 hours of artificial light or low light conditions.



Water your Peperomia weekly, allowing the top 1 - 2 inches of potting mix to dry completely before watering thoroughly.

Be careful, it is in watering that most Peperomia owners go wrong! Overwatering is the most common problem faced by indoor Peperomia growers. It's best to feel the top of your soil in order to determine when to water it, instead of watering according to time intervals.



Peperomias do like being compact in their pots, but you should repot them when their roots start sticking out of their drain holes. Alternatively, you can repot them every year to ensure that the soil remains fresh and nutritious for your plant. Repot them into a light, nourishing mix that drains well, as they rot easily.

You can go for regular soil that's loose and acidic, lightening it with some peat moss. An orchid potting medium works well too!

If you're not confident in doing this yourself, or want it in a fresh new fancy pot, you can engage a repotting service.



Peperomia do not require very much fertilising, and you're likelier to go wrong with over-fertilising than under-fertilising. Check out our recommended fertiliser here.



It's very easy to propagate your Peperomias! You can do so by either leaf-cutting or stem-cutting depending on your preferences. For variegated varieties of Peperomias, stem-cutting would be a better way of propagating as it would better preserve the leaf variegation.


Watch this video on how to propagate your Peperomia.



Fewer leaves, leaf drop, and drab coloration: Insufficient light. Put it nearer to a window or give it more artificial light.

Wilting leaves: Under-watering OR over-watering. Over-watering is a more serious problem as it can cause root rot, which would be hard to salvage. The moment you realise you're over-watering, it's paramount to give your Peperomia immediate attention. Stop watering, allow it to dry out, and remove badly wilted or damaged parts. If the entire plant is wilted, repot it by removing the damaged roots and the wet, waterlogged soil, putting the plant into fresh, dry potting mix.

Always remember to use a sterile pair of scissors and disinfect it thoroughly after!


Ready for one now? You can get the Peperomia Obtusifolia (even-coloured leaves) here or the variegated variety here.


P.s. Peperomias tolerate pruning very well - feel free to snip away to keep them in shape!


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