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Preserved Flowers

by marketing team 06 Feb 2021

What are preserved flowers?

Haruhi - Forever Love - Ana Hana Flower

Preserved flowers are real flowers that have been carefully selected and preserved at the peak of their bloom. Doesn't it feel great to know the flowers from your loved ones will be around for a long time, without losing their beauty and vibrance? Preserved flowers will remain how they look for at least a year, and possibly a decade if you keep them in the right environment. They also look and feel exactly like fresh flowers, right down to the touch. Not all flowers can be preserved though, and only the toughest of roses, hydrangeas, gardenias and select other flowers can.

Haruhi - Forever Love - Ana Hana Flower

The fresh cut-flower industry brings with it a set of problems: the speed at which cut-flowers wither generates waste at an alarming rate, and many agrochemicals that are used in the cultivation of these flowers are environmental pollutants. Preserved flowers, on the other hand, are created through eco-certified processes that ensures the longevity of your arrangements!

Haruhi - Forever Love - Ana Hana Flower

Our team at Ana Hana creates a variety of Preserved Flowers arrangements. Click on any product pictures to purchase them:

1. Floral Dome Arrangements

Haruhi - Forever Love - Ana Hana Flower


Romeo Flower Dome - Ana Hana Flower

2. Preserved Flower Bouquets

Omakase Preserved - Surprise Flower Bouquet Arrangement - Ana Hana Flower

3. Floral Bloom Boxes

Bloom Box Preserved - Ana Hana Flower

Check out our full collection for preserved flowers here.

Click here for more preserved flower care tips.


Preserved Flowers Care Tips Singapore


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