Eucalyptus Plant Potted (Seasonal)
Actual plant product lush may vary due to its organic nature Typically comes in a single stem (height approx 25-40cm) Potential growth outdoor 18m tall Potential growth indoor 2-3m tall Requires well-drained, fertile soil, water regular basis allowing soil to...
Whale Fin Sansevieria Masonania (Rare)
  With so many types of Snake Plants out there, the Whale Fin Snake Plant, or Sansevieria Masoniana, is definitely the king with it’s gigantic leaves! Although not as easy to come by as other Sansevierias, it makes for a...
Slothie Plant
Add a cute yet laid back vibe to your home or room for that perfect afternoon tea with an adorable sloth hanging around you! Product summary Comes with plant of the season (varies) Size: 14x15cm 
Daito - Grandeur Growth
Daito だいと rotates and levitates above all else, making it a suitable gift for those who would like to add some fun to their home or office! It comes potted with Asparagus Fern which helps to add a touch of green to your home or...
$240.00 $200.00
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