Bridesmaid Duties


Hello lovelies! Ever wondered what it's like being a bridesmaid and what you have to do when it's your turn? 

Let us break it down for you in this little Bridesmaid Duties guide!

Before the wedding

The bride will probably need help in choosing her dress, wedding planning and errands, which of course you should be assisting in if she needs help! Apart from that, the bridesmaids should be chipping in to plan the bachelorette party and attend all pre-wedding events or rehearsals if needed. 

On the wedding day

The day has come! Probably the busiest day for everyone involved. As a bridesmaid you should act as her right-hand women and attend to any vendors or help with set-up. Get ready with her and help her throughout the day. And of course, be there for any emotional support she may need. 

Remember, it's a big day for her and she'll probably go through a wave of emotions from happiness to sadness to stress and joy! Be there for her every step of the way 💕

If you feel that you as the bride or your bridesmaids could use a helping hand, feel free to reach out to us and we can see how we can help with your needs. Drop us a DM @anahanawed on IG or send us a message here! 

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