For the Father Figure in Your Life

For many of us, our dad is our personal hero. He may not express his love with words, but you can definitely feel it. It shows when you casually mention wanting to eat that one certain brand of snack and come home the next day to it sitting on the counter along with other groceries; it shows when your family goes out shopping and he insists on carrying the heaviest bag of purchase when he’s already getting old and you know it’s taxing on him as well; it shows when you come home late to him sitting on the couch ‘watching tv’ when he’s actually just waiting for you to get home safe.

Father and Child 

Just like our mum, our dad deserves appreciation and love too! If you bought something extravagant for your mum last month for Mother’s Day and are looking to buy something memorable for your dad this month for Father’s Day, read on for a list of gift ideas for the man who’s been your knight in shining armor since you were young!

1. Premium Casting Kit - For the Dad Whose Hands Kept You Warm

Premium Casting Kit

Did you know that dads are superheroes?! When I was young, I remember holding onto my dad's hand for dear life when we took a roller coaster... The warmth of his hand made me feel so safe and comfortable that I was no longer afraid. No matter during tough times, or just to keep you warm, dads are always there. Immortalise those precious memories with whiteClover's Premium Casting Kit! Show your appreciation for the hands that have held you through all these years.

2. Scent Diffuser - For the Dad Who Loves Freshening up the House

Kiki Botanical Aromatherapy Scent Diffuser

If your dad is the kind who always buy a bunch of air fresheners to keep the house smelling good, then maybe it’s time to upgrade his air fresheners to scent diffusers! The fragrance from scent diffusers lasts significantly longer and are way stronger than that of air fresheners. Some diffusers even look aesthetically pleasing, which is always a plus point! Keeping the house smelling fresh while having a new décor? I’m sure your dad will love it!

3. Suitcase - For the Dad Who Dreams of Travelling

I know, I know, we’re in the middle of a pandemic, but am I the only one with a dad who’s really into suitcases for no apparent reason? Our family doesn’t lack suitcases – he even has a new one that only went on one trip with him – but he’s just strangely attracted to suitcases and make it a point to check out any sales event he sees with suitcases. So if your dad is like mine and loves suitcases, maybe you can check some out at Samsonite who is well-known for their luggage!

4. Eau De Toilette - For the Dad Who Dresses Up

A gift that never goes wrong for dads would be an eau de toilette. For those who have never heard of this term, an eau de toilette is something like a perfume or cologne. The main difference amongst these three is how long they last once sprayed. Be sure to choose an eau de toilette with a fragrance that your dad would like! (Shouldn’t be difficult if you pay attention to him😉) An eau de toilette I’d recommend is the Legend Spirit by Montblanc which has a fresh aroma. For Singaporean readers looking for this product, more details about the Legend Spirit can be found at Sephora.

5. Flower - For the Dad Who You Want to Surprise

Royal Bloom Box

Yes, you read that right! Our final gift idea for Father’s Day is flowers. This gift may seem unconventional for men, but trust me, men are happy to receive flowers as well! Your dad will also never see this coming so your gift will be the biggest surprise for his Father’s Day this year! But what kind of flower should you give your dad? To play it safe (since flowers is already an uncommon gift for men), you can get blue roses for your dad.

Hopefully, you've gotten some inspiration from this post and now have some idea about what you wanna gift to your dad! But if you haven't, you can check out this collection of items we curated that we thought would make awesome Father's Day gifts. Even if you can't seem to decide on a particular gift, remember  it's the thought that counts. Your dad will be happy to receive anything from you! 

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