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What is a Subscription?

A subscription plan refreshes your home, constantly! The blooms are tailored to your selection at checkout. 

What about pricing?

Subscribers enjoy 30% off our regular prices, and free delivery every time.

Why Ana Hana Flower?

An Ana Hana Flower Subscription guarantees smiles with every delivery of our beautiful blooms. Flexibility is ensured as well!

How does it work?

Choose the style, size and frequency of deliveries. Receive a free vase on your first delivery and we'll keep the smiles coming! It's as simple as that.

Can I change my plan?

We allow for changing of recipient, delivery dates and frequency just by a few clicks.

When do I get billed?

Payment is processed one week before delivery.

What size should I get?

Our most popular arrangement size is Deluxe! Of course, whenever you would like, you can always change it!

What is your cancellation policy?

We hate to see you go, but if you do have to, cancellation is only after the second delivery.

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