Omakase O'Bloom in White Marble

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Meticulously put together by our florist, our Omakase (Japanese: お任せ - “I'll leave it up to you”) O'Bloom Box is the perfect gift for anyone on any occasion, and will brighten up any home. Customised to your recipient, preferences and the event, no two bouquets are the same. Just choose your box size and leave the impressing to us ;)

Product summary

  • An Omakase Flower Box
  • Arranged with AHF Fresh Flowers
  • Indicate upon checkout if you have a preferred color theme or any other notes
  • Sizes available (Breadth x Height):
    • Original - 15cm ø 
    • Deluxe - 18cm ø 
    • Grand - 20cm ø 

Omakase (お任せ - “I'll leave it up to you”)

Trust Ana Hana Flower to make the decision and decide what's best for your love one. Simply leave a remark should you have certain preference.

Select a size and we will put together one that will be guaranteed to impress!

*This is an Omakase Styled Arrangement, where you would leave the styling to our florist where no two boxes are alike. Please read here on the concept of Ana Hana's Omakase Arrangements

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