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Unique and beautiful, our Omakase Premium (Japanese: お任せ - “I'll leave it up to you”) Bouquet is the perfect gift for anyone on any occasion, and will brighten up any home. Customised to your recipient, preferences and the event, no two bouquets are the same. Just choose your bouquet size and leave the impressing to us ;)

Product summary

  • An Omakase Flower Bouquet
  • Arranged with fresh flowers
  • Indicate upon checkout if you have a preferred color theme or any other notes
  • Sizes available (Breadth x Height):
    • Original - 25x35cm
      Deluxe - 35x45cm
      Grand - 45x55cm
  • Include flowers of European origins

Omakase (お任せ - “I'll leave it up to you”)

Omakase Premium consists of premium range of flowers such as Hydrangea, Peonies etc. 

Trust Ana Hana Flower to make the decision and decide what's best for your love one. Simply leave a remark should you have certain preference.

Select a size and we will put together one that will be guaranteed to impress!

*This is an Omakase Styled Arrangement, where you would leave the styling to our florist where no two bouquets are alike. Please read here on the concept of Ana Hana's Omakase Arrangements 

*You may highlight to us if there is any flowers you wish to omit

Our selection of flower will vary accordance to freshest of the day. Rest assured, we will take into account your preference of color palette and suitability you indicate. 

Pictures for reference purposes, actual supplies may differ based on fresh flower stocks

Produk bunga mungkin sedikit berbeda dari gambar produk karena bunga musiman serta ketersediaannya. Gambar yang Anda lihat adalah foto pengaturan yang sebelumnya dikirim ke pelanggan seperti Anda, tetapi harap diperhatikan bahwa setiap pengaturan berbeda dari pesanan ke pesanan. Prioritas kami adalah agar hadiah dikirim tepat waktu. Kami akan melakukan yang terbaik untuk memastikan Anda mendapatkan bunga dan gaya paling segar.
Pilih preferensi tanggal pengiriman Anda di pemilih tanggal pengiriman di atas. Slot diperbarui Langsung. Harap perhatikan bahwa slot waktu pengiriman kami tidak dijamin. Untuk pesanan mendesak dan jaminan slot waktu tertentu, silakan pilih Pengiriman Slot Waktu Tertentu (+ $ 15) dan tunjukkan slot waktu rentang 1 jam. Pengiriman Ekspres tersedia di Koleksi Hari Berikutnya / Hari yang Sama, pilih Pengiriman Ekspres (+ $ 20) untuk pengiriman secepat 90 menit. Untuk pesanan mendesak, jangan ragu untuk menghubungi kami @ +6598569650 Jika tidak ada preferensi untuk tanggal pengiriman, pengiriman akan dilakukan antara 1-5 hari kerja.
Setiap rangkaian bunga akan sedikit berbeda dari gambar produknya karena bunga kami bersifat musiman. Gambar yang Anda lihat adalah foto pengaturan yang sebelumnya dikirim ke pelanggan seperti Anda, tetapi harap diperhatikan bahwa setiap pengaturan berbeda dari pesanan ke pesanan. Kami akan melakukan yang terbaik untuk membawakan Anda bunga dan gaya paling segar.

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Nice flower arrangement

My wife did like the flowers very much.

Top quality EVERYTHING

I don't think I've ever gone into a review happier.

Firstly, photo quality is amazing and accurate. Daily flower batches with photos that set a realistic expectation are amazing. They were really beautiful.

The support at choosing flowers and quick response was great. The person helping me find the right flowers and suggesting alternatives that could be delivered the same day was a godsend. Very grateful.

Simple checkout, even when I missed the phone calls to confirm some details they still go it done despite my lack of contribution haha.

10/10 already ordered again within a week and will be my go-to for flowers from now on:)

Lovely Flowers

They have been accommodating with my requests and was able to provide excellent advice! I love the service. Thank you!

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