Ultimate Wedding Playlist

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In this post we bring you... theย ultimate wedding playlist ๐ŸŽถโœจ Let us share with you some of our go-to wedding songs that are sure to bring all the feels on your big day!ย 

Here we've listed songs that would be great to play at the wedding reception. Whether you're a classics kind of person or prefer a more modern tune, we've got songs for you!ย 

The wedding receptionย entrance is when your guests formally lay eyes on you and your partner! It would be good to use a song that really represents you as a couple and hit everyone in the feels.


The next important song choice to make would be for the first dance! This will be one of the more memorable moments during the wedding and a very personal one too. Choosing a song that you and your partner can relate to while having your first dance will make things all the more memorable.ย 

And of course, you're likely to be playing songs throughout the entire wedding. You can either go with a generic wedding playlist or curate one with some of your favourite songs! Alternatively you could also get guest involvement during the wedding and take in song requests or dedications. Whatever it is, we hope you choose memorable songs for your big day and have fun while at it!ย โ™กย 

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