Pastel Serenity
Pastel Serenity features coral roses, white roses and eucalyptuses. This gives the bouquet an earthly tone that's peaceful and inviting!  
Ivory Garden
Ivory Garden features white roses and eucalyptuses, giving the bouquet a pure yet rustic look!  
Blue Fantasy
Blue Fantasy features 2 stalks of blue hydrangeas as the main with white and purple flowers as accompaniments. This gives the bouquet a cool and elegant feel!   Size: 50cm x 50cm  
Fiery Joy
Fiery Joy features sunflowers surrounded by classic red roses, giving the bouquet its contrasting and interesting name!  
Blazing Romance
Blazing Romance is a fresh flower bouquet featuring various red and pink flowers, making the bouquet befitting of its intense name!  
Vibrant Blooms
Vibrant Blooms features a mix of many different flowers and foliage of various colours. This gives the bouquet a colourful look that's bound to cheer your loved one up!  
Elegant Blooms
Elegant Blooms is a fresh flower bouquet featuring red roses, pink roses and white orchids. The roses represent passion while the orchids gives the bouquet an elegant feel!  
Brilliant Joy
Yellow, yellow, yellow! The first thing you see when you look at Brilliant Joy is the bright yellow colour as this bouquet features mainly yellow roses and sunflowers!  
Autumn Breeze
Autumn Breeze is a bouquet of fresh flowers featuring sunflowers and yellow and orange roses. This bouquet is reminiscent of the breezy autumn season!  
Coral Garden
Coral Garden features a mix of coral and white roses with eucalyptuses. This bouquet looks like it came straight out of a fairytale garden! Vase is sold separately, shop vase here.  
Mysterious Pink
Mysterious Pink features purple hydrangeas with pink roses. This bouquet combines the mysterious purple colour with the sweet pink colour! Vase is sold separately, shop vase here.  
Sweet Blooms
Sweet Bloom is a fresh flower bouquet featuring various pink flowers. This bouquet is perfect for your loved one who has a pink fantasy!  
Sweet Pastels
Sweet Pastels is a fresh flower bouquet of pastel pink roses with eucalyptuses. This sweet and soft bouquet is perfect for conveying your love! Vase is sold separately, shop vase here.  
Pink Baby
Pink Baby is a big bouquet of fresh pink baby's breath. Sweet and charming, this bouquet is sure to wow your loved one!  approx 50cm breadth x 60cm height
Purple Romance
Purple Romance features purple roses only, making this fresh bouquet the one to go for if your loved one is a big fan of roses AND the colour purple!  69 roses 
Sensual Love
Sensual Love is a fresh flower bouquet consisting purely of red roses - the classic symbol of romantic love! Your confession of love will surely be felt with this bouquet! Consists of 40 roses Vase is sold separately, shop vase here.  
Vivid Beauty
Vivid Beauty features various pink flowers with eucalyptuses. This bouquet is as sweet as it is vivid! Vase is sold separately, shop vase here.  
Bright Cutie
Bright Cutie is a bouquet featuring sunflowers accompanied by other flowers and foliage. This bright yellow bouquet is as sunny as it is adorable! Vase is sold separately, shop vase here.  
Cool Charm
Cool Charm features mainly cool colours like that of the blue hydrangeas and the green foliage. This bouquet is for those who prefer cool colours to warm colours!  
Vibrant Meadow
Vibrant Meadow features various flowers of different colours, making it a colourful bouquet! Vase is sold separately, shop vase here.  
Milky Love
Milky Love features creamy white roses, which symbolise purity and innocence, making it the perfect bouquet for conveying your pure love! Vase is sold separately, shop vase here.  
Enchanting Blooms
With a red and orange theme while featuring anthuriums, spray roses, pin cushion flowers, hypericums and eucalyptuses, Enchanting Blooms looks as passionate as it is grand! This big bouquet of fresh flowers is sure to sweep your loved one off their...
Pink Elegance
Pink hydrangeas and roses accompanied by eustomas and eucalyptuses - this bouquet is elegant and sophisticated unlike any other! Pink Elegance is perfect for your refined loved one.  
Cozy Meadow
Cozy Meadow features roses, pin cushion flowers, eustomas and eucalyptuses in a white and orange theme. These colours combined makes this bouquet of fresh flowers reminiscent of a beautiful meadow with a warm breeze!  

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