• Caring for your Rosemary Plant

    Caring for your Rosemary Plant

      Rosemary is a popular herb that's a member of the mint family and is widely used in all kinds of cuisines, especially so in Mediterranean dishes. It's a lovely and hardy plant that's nice to keep around, but also incredibly useful in the kitchen. There are many things you can do with Rosemary - you can create compound butter, infuse it in your cooking oils or...
  • Caring for your Basil Plant

    Caring for your Basil Plant

      Basil is a popular herb both in the kitchen and the garden, and has a reputation of being an easy-going plant. There are several types of Basil - Sweet Basil, Thai Sweet Basil, Lemon Basil, Purple Basil and the list goes on. Most of them are used in cooking but for different purposes and cuisines. Sunlight Basils love being in the sun. They...
  • Caring for your Philodendron Plant

    Caring for your Philodendron Plant

    One of the easiest houseplants to care for, the heart-leaf Philodendron (Philodendron scandens) is a popular choice amongst new plant owners. It's also an air-purifying plant, so what's there not to love? When allowed to grow, the Philodendron will have long, trailing vines, making it perfect as a hanging plant. Sunlight Philodendrons thrive in medium indirect light. This means that it would probably do the best...
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