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National Day's Celebration Guide 2022

26 Jul 2022

National Day - our beloved country's birthday and the day of our independence - is coming in a few weeks time and let's not kid ourselves, we know we're gonna celebrate! This patriotic day is also the perfect day to remember our history and what our leaders went through to get Singapore to where she is today. National Day serves as a reminder to us to not forget our past but also to look forward to our future.

On this special day, Singaporeans from all walks of life come together to celebrate - both at the physical event and at home in front of the TV. If you're like us and would rather stay home (sweat-free and safe from crowds😉), we'd like to introduce you to some things you can get to make your stay-home celebration as enjoyable as possible!

1. Red and White Flowers

Red and White Preserved Flower Arrangement

We all agree that flowers are celebratory gifts. They are given during anniversaries, weddings, graduation, etc. But who's to say they aren't suitable for National Day? The day's theme is red and white, after all. So get some flowers in these two colours and decorate your house with them to show your love and patriotism for Singapore!

2. Cake


What's a celebration without cake? For those with a sweet tooth and/or those who have young ones at home celebrating the nation's birthday, get a cake to satisfy everyone's cravings! We highly recommend this Gula Melaka Attap Chee Cake, which name speaks for itself🤤 Reminisce your childhood with this cake while the National Day programme plays on TV!

3. Cookies


Oh, you thought a cake is enough for the family? Of course not! Everybody loves to munch non-stop while watching the National Day Parade. What's better to nibble on than something sweet and crunchy? That's right, we're talking cookies! Kopi-flavoured cookies☕! If gula melaka and attap chee weren't enough to make you realise how delicious local food is, then this should do the job.

4. Wine


If cake and cookies seemed a little too... 'kiddy' for you (no offence to those with a sweet tooth😝), then here's one for the adults! During celebrations, cake is to children what alcohol is to adults - a necessity. So grab a bottle of this sparkling wine with hints of citrus, berries and flowers, and drink the stress away while commemorating our nation's day of independence! (P.S. It's packaging is our nation's colours, how cool is that!)

Not sure where to get such a diverse list of items from? Fret not, not only do we do flower delivery, we've also curated the rest of the yummy F&B from partners and will be able to do cake delivery, cookie delivery and wine delivery all in one swoop! So come order from us now and we hope that with our guide, you'll have an amazing National Day celebration at home with your family and the rest of Singapore (through the screen😊).


Ana Hana

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