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5 Flowers That Say ‘I Love You’

21 May 2021

Many of us think that it's easy to express our love for someone. For those with confidence  just say it out loud! Those good at writing will pen a heartfelt letter to touch their loved one's heart. But what about those of us who are neither? What about those of us who are too shy to express our love verbally, but not gifted enough in the art of writing to convey it through words? What if I say there are ways for us to say 'I love you' without having to say it aloud or write it out? What if there are gifts that spell out our love for us? What if these gifts are as beautiful as they are meaningful?

Look no further, for we have compiled here a list of 5 valentines flowers that you can gift to your beloved that will best convey your love!

1. Rose - Classic Symbol of Love

Roses are international symbols of love. Classic and elegant, they never get outdated even with the passage of time. Though the general message roses hold is unmistakable, roses of different colours actually convey different specific meanings and messages. So, let’s go over the common colours of roses so that you know which variant of this beautiful flower suits your romantic message best!

Red - Desire

Red roses are classics and for a good reason – they represent romantic love. Be it a bright red or a deep red, this sensual colour is the best metaphor for desire and longing. If you're purely looking to express your love, red roses are the go-to!

Pink - Adoration

Pink roses are soft-looking and pretty, making them an apt symbol for adoration and admiration. Roses of this sweet colour are perhaps most suitable for confessions, as the blushes on yours and your crush’s face will be complimented by these roses!

White - Pure Love

White is the colour of purity and innocence. So, white roses can be gifted to convey the pure love you have for your partner. White roses also go especially well with brides, so for those who are looking to send a hint or even propose, you know which colour to go for!

Our 99 Roses Bouquet is available in all 3 colours mentioned above!

99 Roses Bouquet

Or, if you’re looking for everlasting flowers that parallel your undying love, you can take a look at our Aurora Flower Dome.

Aurora Flower Dome

Beyond the 3 colours mentioned, roses come in many more colours that each carry their own meaning. Our Aurora Flower Dome comes in uncommon colours, so be sure to check them out if you're looking for blue or purple roses!

Check out our range of roses here.

2. Hydrangea - Precious Feelings

Hydrangeas are often given to loved ones as gifts. These beautiful round flowers are large, which makes them look magnificent easily. Hydrangeas come in many different colours – but we find that those in pastel colours are more suitable for expressing your love as they look gentler, softer and sweeter, which makes them perfect for conveying our precious feelings to our partner.

Like roses, hydrangeas of different colours convey different meanings. However, a bouquet of rainbow hydrangeas is sure to impress and wow your loved one.

Rainbow Hydrangea

If your loved one fancy cute items, hydrangeas go well with Hello Kitty too!

Hello Kitty Hydrangea Love Heart Dome

No matter which way hydrangeas are presented, their beauty are always a sight to behold, so they make great gifts that also carry romantic messages!

Check out our range of hydrangeas here.

3. Baby's Breath - Everlasting Love

Baby’s breath has gotten very popular these recent years and there is a reason why. The small size of baby's breath makes them look absolutely stunning in a bouquet – they look like stars in the night sky! White ones also look like snowflakes! Baby’s breath symbolises pure and everlasting love. With their cute, petite look, baby’s breath may not be everybody’s favourite, but they’re definitely pleasing to look at. Though they’re often used as fillers for other flowers, baby’s breath actually look really good alone in a big bouquet!

Grand Baby

Check out our range of baby's breath here.

4. Sunflower - You Light Up My Life

Sunflowers, also known as the flower that brings joy to people, represent adoration. In addition to adoration, sunflowers also symbolise loyalty and unconditional love. Just like how sunflowers will always face the Sun, gifting these flowers to your loved one will send them the message that your heart will always belong to them! Yellow in colour, sunflowers will lift your loved one’s spirits and bring light into their life!

Sunny Giant

Check out our range of sunflowers here.

5. お任せ Omakase - I Care About You

Omakase is actually not a type of flower, but a bouquet of mysterious ones! When you opt for omakase - Japanese for ‘I’ll leave it up to you’  you're choosing to leave the decision to the florist. By trusting the florist to put together a bouquet of flowers, you’ll not know exactly which flowers are used until you or your loved one receive it – though the fresh flowers can be styled to suit your preferences, you just have to let the florist know which flowers you prefer! This makes omakase blooms perfect for you to show your loved one that you care and remember their favourite things. This also means that no two bouquets will be the same, so your bouquet is all uniquely yours!

Omakase Bouquet

Check out our range of omakase blooms here.

Flowers are wonderful gifts for expressing your love to your partner with their special meanings being conveyed silently. Tell your loved one you love them and make them happy by gifting them a bouquet of flowers or a unique preserved flower dome today!

If you have any questions or need any help, feel free to contact us via our website, email, Instagram (@anahanaflower) or via Whatsapp at +65 98569650. We're based in Singapore but can also deliver non-living items overseas. We also do same-day deliveries locally.

Ana Hana

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