Arrangement styles for preserved flowers

Have a bunch of preserved flowers lying around at home and are looking for ideas to arrange them? Here's some ideas from to DIY them a little for the dining table, a room night stand, or even your home office desk! Since preserved flowers are made to last you can keep these arrangements around for a long time! 

Our ideas consist of a variety of creative ways to display your blooms. Fill a ceramic pitcher with some baby's breath for a stunning centerpiece, or place wildflowers into a vintage wood crate for a more rustic look.

They even include ideas for repurposing items from around your house like tin cans, tea cups, and perfume bottles that make for unique and one-of-a-kind displays! 

Idea #1: A ceramic pitcher 

Idea #2: Tin cans

Idea #3: Mason jars

Idea #4: Wooden crates 

Idea #5: Perfume bottles 

We hope you managed to find some inspiration for your preserved flower arrangements!

Ana Hana